Perfumed Candles

Perfumed Candles are remarkable for their ability to change the mood and also to create an eco-friendly atmosphere of enchantment.

Fragrance creates therapeutic sensation in our mind and body. For many years, the demand for perfumed candles has been felt in the market. Consumers use perfumed candles, not just to mask odours, but to create an animated atmosphere and uplift one’s spirit, bringing in a sense of freshness in the lives of the people that have become fast and stressful. Candles are, nowadays, no more used only for lightening or adoration purposes but also as a tool of essence which gives a soothing & enchanting feeling within us..

Our perfumers are researching to peep into the psychological patterns of our targeted customers that how aromas, both natural and synthetic, alleviate stress, heighten mood and even affect alertness in the office by stimulating olfactory pathways to the body & brain. In short, we produce & customize uniqueness in fragrance for each & every product, satiating our customers to the core.

“Fragrance, like fashion is meant to express a strong personal style.”



  • Agarbatti & Perfume Expo 2016 - Jaipur

  • Personal Care and Body Care Ingredients exhibition 2016

  • Home and Personal Care Ingredients exhibition 2016