Pot Pourri

It is coded on miscellaneous diverse items with fragrances to provide decorative touch.

The word potpourri is a French word meaning "rotten pot". Potpourri is defined as mixture of dried flowers, herbs, leaves, roots, barks and spices providing fragrance. Its uses are many. We can use it to perfume the air, keep it in closets or drawers, make room decorations with attractive baskets or bowls, or make personal gifts to share it with family and friends. It's a great way to "recycle your garden and bring it inside to make handmade gifts for decoration with sweet aromas for a soothing feeling. With minimal tools and a little creative patience, fresh & even wild flowers and petals can be changed into distinct fragrant potpourri. Potpourris are ideal for most home and thus it is popular for regular use to decorate the rooms in pretty containers, jars and bowls, for an artistic display. Scented Fibre Bits can easil be re-scented and can be reused recurrently be infused with a fresh and enchanting feeling. The ingredients change throughout the year to provide the aromas of every season. Potpourri has been around us for numerous years but when fragrances mingle, it always proves to be different and exclusive.



  • Agarbatti & Perfume Expo 2016 - Jaipur

  • Personal Care and Body Care Ingredients exhibition 2016

  • Home and Personal Care Ingredients exhibition 2016