Body Care

Personal health, vitality and wellness are ever growing in importance with customers.

The sensorial and olfactive opportunities that fragrances offer to body care products are endless.

Fragrance plays a key role in all personal care products. The intuitive human relationship with smell means that fragrance is a vital part of all brand communication, whether reassuring softness, conveying freshness or hygiene messages. Consumers rely on their favourite brands and go for the traditional picks, or try a new one, belonging to different categories likes mild,fresh, feminine or masculine, family and safety.

Brand and consumer understanding are, therefore, fundamental building blocks for our developmental teams. How to translate the olfactive signals of individual ingredients into a formula that evokes just the right brand communication and a product's point of value is the magic and art of perfumery.

A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotions.



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  • Personal Care and Body Care Ingredients exhibition 2016

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